Sunday, November 14, 2010

Can Democrats Overcome the 2010 Republican Takeover?

The Republicans slept the 2008 Presidential election when they woke up and discovered that Barack Obama had been elected as President of the United States.  Republicans quickly began organizing to take back the country.  The first step was to have Sarah Palin to resign from her position as Alaska's Governor so that she would be free to mobilize the Republicans without any restraints.  It worked as they targeted which elected officials with gun symbols on a national map that was publicized identifying who they would defeat for the upcoming elections.  Sarah Palin continued to incite the Republicans who strongly opposed President Obama's Presidency.  In addition to other projects, this has proved to be very lucrative for Sarah Palin.  ABC News  reports that Sarah Palin has earned an estimated 12 million dollars since she resigned as Governor in July 2009.  All in a days work!

The present administration's inability to deliver relief to the masses who voted for President Obama created apathy among voters regarding the mid-term election.  The general feeling among voters is "business as usual in the White House".  Democrats missed the opportunity to deliver a knock out punch in the first two years of this administration that was desperately needed to stimulate and mobilize the voters who delivered the Congress to the Democrats in 2008.  Some say that the President's hands are tied based on the powers that got him elected.  Some say that he walked into an impossible situation that precluded him from delivering a knock out punch in the first two years of his administration.  Unfortunately, the opportunity to deliver a knock out punch with a Republican majority in the House will be strongly diminished in the next two years.  The Congress will most likely sacrifice the welfare of Americans in this country to win back the White House in 2012.  This can be done by blocking any programs presented by the Democrats.  If the President exercises his veto power on programs presented by the Congress, we very well could have a paralysis in our government that will serve as an advantage to the Republicans for the 2012 election. Consequently, unless President Obama and the Congress delivers a program where voters can feel and see economic benefit to their lives and the lives of their families, the Republicans may be successful in taking back the White House in 2012.  Unfortunate as it may seem, this is a real possibility.  Lesson learned--Democrats must stay in the game and resist the temptation to become apathetic. Tell me what your views are for the country in the next two years.  I welcome your comments.