Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will Judge Sotomayer Do?

Is it time for a black female Supreme Court Justice? Are we missing a historic opportunity to bring balance to the highest Court in the land? Can we trust that Judge Sotomayer's history will ensure civil liberties to all people? We can not assume that if you descended from a minority race that it automatically means you will render decisions that ensure equal justice for all. Justice Clarence Thomas' opinions say "that ain't so". Just because it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck--it may not be a duck. As a trial attorney, I have appeared before judges who renounce their history and their ethical duty to fairly apply the law so that they can belong to the country club and hang out with the good old boys. Their personal need for validation from the "good old boys" is greater than their need to administer justice. Their allegiance to those who "brought them" is greater than their allegiance to the oath they took to be fair and impartial. As the Republicans try to make Judge Sotomayer out to be a racist, tell me--Will Judge Sotomayer do?


  1. Yes, there will be a black female Supreme Court Justice...not right know, but one day.
    The fact is that President Obama had to put a Latino/Hispanic in a "high-ranking" position. The Hispanics voted for him in large numbers due to the Republican Party’s position on immigration.
    He lost Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) to fill Secretary of Commerce post when he withdrew his nomination (which he would have been a better choice for Secretary of State).
    We won't know what Judge Sotomayer will do until she is in that role. It's just a good thing that another woman will be on the SCOTUS.

  2. I believe that Judge Sotomayer can take place as a cultured Supreme Court Justice until I make history. She seems down to earth and up with the people for now. Her ethics are on point despite the misunderstanding of some folks.

  3. Ms. Outlaw, I thought this was an excellant observation. Too many times when a Black person gets in a position to help black people, they then try to reason as to why they are trying to give everybody a chance. They don't want it to appear they are leaning to much toward their own kind. Well my goodness white men for all these years have been leaning toward their own with special interest and when we get in the same position, we don't. Here you have the supreme court that has been around for over 100 years and how many blacks, hispanics, women and other minorities have been selected. There was no shortage of us, but we still have to be pushed back and told you will catch up.